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Active Duty Military Bookkeeping

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In a survey conducted by the Military Family Research Institute, 56 percent of enlisted service members are reported to have financial difficulty, and 40 percent feel that their debt is out of their control.  Often, military service members who don't know how to manage their financial situations end up falling prey to high interest loans or quick-fix solutions. Don’t let this happen to you.

Because service men and women are often away from home for extended periods, Bookkeeping is a much needed service for active duty military and their families who struggle with managing their day to day financial affairs while being deployed.

Our clients find that their lives are less stressful when they no longer have to worry about getting their bills paid on time, budgeting for their family or maintaining a home while their away, because we handle it all. Outsourcing these tasks can also alleviate the burden of asking a family member or friend to take care of your affairs for you while you are away.

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