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Senior Citizens Bookkeeping

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For many seniors, over time the effects of aging begin to hinder their ability to properly manage their day to day affairs. For this reason many family members and friends try to take on the role of caregiver and find themselves frustrated and tired. The same holds true for persons with disabilities as they struggle to keep their independence while realizing they need help in other areas.

We find that many circumstances will bring people to the realization that they need additional assistance and with most of our clients there is usually some sort of family dynamic.

Some of the family factors may include:

  • Their adult children are out of state
  • The older adult may be estranged from their family
  • Their family maybe the exploiters or abusers
  • They may have adult children who do not get along
  • They may have a disabled child or a child we an addiction

Whatever their reason, many seniors and their families find that using a third party professional is best for their unique situation.

A Reliable Bookkeeping Service is dedicated to help manage the day to day financial affairs including Home Health Care payroll and tax liability services for seniors and persons with disabilities.  Our bookkeeping services can be fully customized.